Develop Emotional Intelligence - To Enhance Professional Excellence!

Emotional intelligence is proving to be one of the key drivers of performance as it helps develop strong relationships, enhance customer service, motivate people, be effective leaders, and build sharp business acumen. It is interesting to note that smart people fail to perform their best not because they lack knowledge or expertise, but because they find it difficult to manage themselves and others in challenging situations. To achieve hard results it is important to master softer skills like collaborating with others, resolving conflicts without harming relationships, negotiating tough deals, tackling difficult behavior, etc. These require Emotional Intelligence skills like empathy, resilience, stress management, optimism, and persuasion.
This 2 Day Power Packed Program will help you discover your Social & Emotional Strengths and help you turn them into your key advantages. The program will focus on helping you develop skills to manage the emotional challenges like insecurity, anxiety, and fears that hold you back from achieving your goals. The focus will also be on developing skills to manage relationships with others, influence and engage others, and connect with them in a more meaningful way.
During the workshop, we will show you how to manage your emotional brain during difficult moments by making you practice small steps that can be easily performed daily. This will help you break away from destructive patterns, and replace them with new patterns that will help you accomplish your professional & personal goals.
This Two-Day Transformational Workshop will help participants learn Social & Emotional competencies that will enable them to perform better at the workplace and overcome difficulties that have hitherto been roadblocks in their path to success.
In this program you will :
Who should attend:
Training Methodology:
This ‘power-packed Experiential Learning Workshop will involve the use of slides, handout materials, a working manual with all instructor notes and slides, examples of best practices, and appropriate video. The use of flip charts, and reporting back sessions, role plays, group discussions, etc. will ensure a fully participative and enjoyable event. Participants will be encouraged to share actively in relating previous work experiences.

Course Fees: SGD 700 net per person for 2 Day course

Fees inclusive of buffet lunch, coffee/tea breaks with refreshments, course materials, and certificate of attendance. *Halal and vegetarian food options available.

Your takeaways from the day include:

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