About Us

" People are core strengths of all the organizations, they are the pillars & the engines of the business - They support & they run the business. "

Strive High provides end-to-end solutions to organisations in the soft skills development space, beginning with a thorough gap analysis during the consultancy process to delivery of coaching/training programs designed and tailored as per the needs and preferences of our clients & client organisations. Our training programs are customized as per the needs of our clients and client organizations.​
We help CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders maximize their potential by helping them understand their Social & Emotional Strengths & Weaknesses, uncover non-supportive behavior patterns, and replace them with ‘thoughts that are more in sync with their GOALS. We provide One-to-one Executive Coachings and ‘transformational workshops,’ with regular follow-up.
Our Story
Strive High was Incorporated in 2014. The thoughts that led to the company’s inception originated during the financial crisis of 2007-2008.
Adversities challenge us, test our endurance, accentuate our strengths and weaknesses, and teach us resilience lessons.
It was a time that saw the fall of ‘too big to fail.’ Banks that earned their living out of forecasting the performance of other organizations couldn’t foresee their fall, let alone of others. Unemployment surged to levels never seen before. Moral and mental health was affected in ways never expected. All of this highlighted the lack of leadership qualities in people in positions of power!
For the founder of Strive High, Preeti Dubey, a perpetual scholar, passionate psychologist, and devoted management professional – it was a moment of profound realization and immense learning. She decided to quit her job as a private banker. Instead of helping people maximize their net worth by managing their wealth, she decided to use her knowledge and skills to help people develop social & emotional intelligence that would enhance their self-worth. She researched, studied, and attained the required qualifications and certification as she believes that ‘failing to prepare is equivalent to preparing to fail’! She devoted two years to identifying the soft skills essential in utilizing professional skills to accomplish personal and organizational goals.
Smart Management
High Performing
Strive High was reincorporated as Strive High Pte Ltd in 2018. It has entered new markets and offered training/ coaching to thousands of professionals in soft skills and Mental Health development with reach in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, the USA and the UK.

Preeti Dubey

Founder, Director

" The Human Brain has immense potential. There is no point in under-utilizing it and living a life less than what you deserve! "

STRIVE HIGH was envisioned and founded by Preeti Dubey to help individuals and teams within organizations to develop ‘soft skills’ necessary to excel and overcome behavioral issues that pose a hindrance to their professional and personal lives. She is very passionate about the subject and is determined to make significant contributions in the ‘SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT’ arena by offering effective strategies and time-tested techniques using Behavioral Science.
STRIVE HIGH is Preeti’s dream in action. She founded the company to help people develop skills required to enhance emotional competence, manage stress, develop influential leadership, foster collaborative and happy relationships.

Executive Coaching / Personal Development Trainings & Workshops

We help CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders maximize their potential by helping them understand their Social & Emotional Strengths & Weaknesses, uncover non-supportive behavior patterns, replace them with ‘thoughts that are more in sync with their GOALS.

How we do it?

“We study our clients’ needs and develop training programs by judiciously blending behavioral science – especially focussing on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE with effective Management Practices – to curate Training, Workshops, and Coaching, that are customized for the needs of our clients. It is important to note that every thought of ours passes through our Emotional Filter before reaching our Rational Brain. Emotions are, therefore, an integral part of decision-making. Whether we realize it or not, emotions are our driving force. They mobilize us and turn our thoughts into action.”
We help our clients develop emotional intelligence to use emotions as a source of information and use them to enhance their internal strengths and overcome weaknesses that hinder their path to SUCCESS. We thus help them build self-management and social-management skills that can enable them to address personal and Management challenges.
Research has confirmed that “Emotional Intelligence Training, is important for developing Inspiring, Transformational Leaders, who can develop a culture of trust and accountability and Develop a High Performing Team.”
This is because the most emphasis is paid the Hard skills, which are the prerequisite professional qualifications and skillsets necessary for people to work in their current roles or the positions they aspire for. However, SOFT SKILLS play a major role in successfully executing their responsibilities, working with colleagues, mobilizing teams, and building long-term relationships with clients.

What do we do?

We at STRIVE HIGH provide customized ‘soft skills development solutions to individuals and teams in organizations. Our training interventions are strategically designed and delivered to meet their short and long-term objectives.
We help our clients identify and develop the key SOFT SKILLS required to excel in their workplace and personal lives. Our workshops are extremely engaging. We use interactive methodology combined with clear and robust models that can be applied to everyday work.
Our workshops are customized for the individuals/ teams /groups within corporations and non-profit organizations focusing on (not limited to):

Corporate Training​

We provide EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Training, Workshops & Coaching to help corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals enhance Productivity & Boost Performance by developing Impactful, Leaders, Create Collaborative High Performing teams, & Develop a Culture of Trust, Accountability.
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